I haven’t meant to be gone so long, but I am in the midst of
potty training. We started on Thursday.  Because Christmas is over, the house is
finally clean so why not start
another time and energy sucking project, right? Ha ha ha… whimper.  I can’t say
it’s going well. I can say I’m doing a
lot of laundry. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going horribly, either. But those books on “Potty Train in One
Day”? (Yes, I read those.) Are you kidding? 

One of my best friends is a preschool teacher. I finally called her.

Me: “We’re potty
training! It’s going kind of… slow… though.”

Teacher Extraordinaire: “Yeah, usually it takes 2-3 weeks.”

Me: “Really?! That long? I thought you could do it over a long weekend.”

Teacher Extraordinaire: “Yeeeeaaaahhh… (long pause)… just have a lot of patience. And when you get him back to school next
week…” (next week? yipes!) “…the teachers will help, too.”

Oy. So there you go,
from the mouth of someone with infinite more experience than I.

It’s ironic to me that we potty train at roughly the same
developmental period where toddlers really need to test their boundaries. We’ve definitely been experiencing some “when
one door closes, another obnoxious behavior opens.” I.e. Chance has been OK with the potty
training… the “practicing” on the pot, pulling his clothes on and off
constantly, being harassed about having to go. But suddenly he will NOT participate in “clean up time” to save his
life. Or much else we request of
him. Besides derisive laughter and
taunting. And occasional screeching.

Remember when your parents used to say, “Just wait until you
have kids”? Yeah. Well, I’ve figured out that really means, “Oh,
the fact that you made it to adulthood without me throttling you is such a
miracle, you have no idea.”

 – the