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I am also carting out a childhood poem for your awe and amusement.  I’m sure you’ll all agree I was quite the child prodigy… yeah, RIGHT!  Try not to snicker too hard.  If I could get to the teenage angst poetry I would have posted that as well, but unfortunately they are buried in a trunk… somewhere.  But courtesy to my mom I have some childhood poems on hand.  Enjoy (or groan, it’s up to you).       

The nest!

The nest was full of glory,

The nest was full of eggs,

The nest was full of baby birds who twitter away,

The baby birds were waiting for their mother to come,

To feed her little babys on a sunny day like this one.

Love is…

Love is people picking flowers,

And washing clothes through the hour,

If you wish to wash the dishes,

Go and eat all those fishes,

And if you like something here is love from me.

Me, age 9.  I think we must have started learning about poetry that year.  And I think, horror of horrors, I was writing poems and mailing them to relatives!  Worse even than re-reading an old poem is learning that your grandmother saved it for you. That last poem conveniently ended when I ran out of room on the page to write, LOL.  Funny, the domestic themes running through these; obviously I was much more traditional then than I am now!       – wg