We are in the third week of illness here in the house of the weird. Chance still has a cold and just as he seemed to be getting better late last week he came down with… PINK EYE!




Then I got sick too.  I'd managed to mostly fight off this cold, until that last trip to the doctor's office where my body decided to lay down its arms and surrender.  Yellow-bellied piss ant…  Maybe it was all the people in masks, maybe it was that H1N1 shot Chance got, but my body ran scared.  Chicken shit.  The General is not pleased. 

Guess which part of my body I named the General?

Anyway, last week before getting all sicky and unmotivated I painted my office!  Orange!!  (what?)


Actually, it was more like I spent a week cleaning my office (because it was that bad, like, shhh, don't tell anyone, but I found piles of mail from when we moved in! (2007)) and then I spent a day painting it.  I had this funny post all lined up about how baby wipes are king, because, of course, I don't believe in taping, and how I also don't believe in packing things, I'd rather just paint around them in contortions better suited to a college coed and not a middle-aged mom, and how the cat kept trying to get in from the roof because he is totally nosy but… I forgot it.

Trust me, in my head, it was hilarious. From what I remember.


Y u thinkz stil haloween?

So anyway, we are here, we are sick. I am trying to catch up on laundry and dishes like any other sick parent, and I'd really like to pop out to pick up the second book of the Gideon Trilogy.  However, that means I am exposing more of our germs to the unsuspecting public.  What do you think?  Stay home or infect people?

          – the weirdgirl