Chance is trying to sucker me into buying him a Dream Lite.  It's a Pillow Pet where they've stuck a bunch of lights into its back. They must have had a surplus on that particular set of animals. Either that or those poor creatures tried to stage an uprising over the injustice of being used as pillows, were brutally repressed, and the electrodes were their punishment. Because let's face it, this company has a strange sense of what constitutes kindness to animals; it's either portraying them as only good as some sort of furniture or they're endorsing submitting animals to electric shock.

Since he is already unnaturally obsessed with Pillow Pets as well as Pokemon (which captures animals and puts them in highly questionable fighting arenas), I'm, of course, gently discouraging the idea that he will get a Dream Lite even if/when hell freezes over.

He has reverted to using the commercial's own slogans to further his campaign. As if I can't hear the TV in the room. "Did you hear that, Mom? It makes bed time FUN!"

"Bedtime is already fun, honey. Sleep is awesome!" He won't truly understand that one for another 30 years yet.

"You can use it as a nightlight! You don't want me to be afraid of the dark, right?"

"You already have a nightlight. In fact, I believe you have two."

"It'll give me a restful sleep!"

"Really? Is there Ambien in that animal?"

"What's Ambien?"

But the final nail in his beggar's coffin for ever, ever receiving a Dream Lite?  Chance walking up to the cat and trying to lie on him. Because wouldn't a live cat for a pillow be awesome?!

At least he hasn't yanked on his tail waiting for the lights to pop on.