Keen has decided that the cartoon Kim Possible must have been designed with Angelina Jolie in mind because, as he says, “Except for the hair Kim Possible looks just like her.”  I think Keen is crushing a little hard on Angelina.  I can’t say I blame him.  I remember first seeing her in Hackers years ago and she stood out.  (Mainly because she was the only one who could act in that flick.  And she was pretty cute too, very compelling.)  Ditto with Girl Interrupted.  But somewhere between then and Mr. & Mrs. Smith… Angelina got fucking gorgeous.  This is probably old news to you Jolie fans out there.  I always knew she had a serious fan base, but I really hadn’t been paying attention to any of the particulars (it kind of goes along with my not-paying-attention-to-celebrity-happenings thing).  And then I saw clips of Mr. & Mrs. and GODDAMN if she is not getting more beautiful as she gets older!  Some things just take you by surprise “while someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along”.

I’m bringing this up is because I think Keen is a little mystified by Charlize Theron (though we both love her; she’s even on Keen’s top five list) playing Aeon Flux.  I think he secretly believes it should be his hottie Angelina (or Kim Possible with different hair).  However, I think someone else would be a better fit.  Honestly, when they cast these things they really should think about temperament, don’t you think?  So here you go, Aeon Flux should really be played by… Parker Posey.  Notice the emaciated thinness, the preoccupation with haute couture, the intensity?  A woman bent of revenge?  She was meant for this role.  Plus, Parker Posey can scare the crap out of anyone.  I’m just saying.                 – wg

Aeon_flux Parker_posey