We’re on vacation!  And yes, we are the kind of nerds who thought it would be cool and vacationy to bring a computer along.  This plan, in theory, also eliminated the scramble to find guest posters, hand out passwords, all that jazz.  I’m not opposed to guest posts, you understand, I just had no time.  I was running around like a crazy, head-challenged chicken up until the night before we left.

Anywho.  I figured I could just post during the trip, (and catch up on blog reading! (which I was really looking forward to, being a great lazy “I don’t have any to dos on MY list, ha ha” thing to do)) however we seem to be experiencing intermittent wireless.  Dish network, too.

well, poo

We’re in Lake Tahoe, btw.  Lake Tahoe… land of casinos, and a big ass lake, and crazy signals, and really really really dry air!  Time for working on my tan and reading a… gasp!… book.

I’ll try to post pictures as we go.  You know, if I can manage to upload.  Because of course I brought the whole photo cradle, too.

Man, I’m such a nerd.  But I think I make up for it with my ancient phone that has no texting capabilities whatsoever.  (poor twitter)

Onward to water!

          – wg