Chance is doing a lot better today. His fever is completely gone and he’s eating more.  He never really stopped playing, but it was slower playtime Saturday through yesterday.  Today, he’s still sick but obviously feeling better, as evidenced by his enthusiastic throwing around of everything he can get his little hands on.  Including a big wad of used tissues I had wiped his nose with, tossed right into my fresh, hot cup of tea.  (I think that one was a symbolic gesture.  He really hates to have his nose wiped.) 

We had a follow-up appointment with his pediatrician yesterday (Monday afternoon) and she thought he looked good. We scheduled some additional follow-up just to watch the infections (turns out one of his ears was looking a little inflamed, too). She also answered some questions regarding febrile seizures.  They do not cause brain damage (like other types of seizures can), which was my main concern.  Also, it seems like his chances for developing epilepsy are the same as any child with an extended family member who had epilepsy.  Our doctor said she would be much more concerned if me and Keen had it instead.  As far as I know I’ve never had a seizure, or even a febrile seizure.  Hallucinating from a fever, yes.  I have a distinct memory of being sick and seeing three images of my mother in the room with me, all doing that Pepto Bismo warping body thing (anyone remember that commercial?).   

In any case, I find I am feeling better the more I see him feeling better.  And that’s just about par for the course being a parent, huh?       

For those of you interested, here is some more reading about febrile seizures (though I’m betting most of you have already done a search on this subject):

And thank you everyone who sent me kind words, warm wishes, and phone calls just to check in.  It really helped.

            – the weirdgirl