This being THE weekend to shop, I’ve spent a good part of it
flipping through catalogs and perusing online stores. (I wouldn’t go to the malls this weekend with
a saber-tooth tiger on a leash. I love
shopping but I’m not crazy!) We’ve got
about a gazillion catalogs coming in, the vast majority of which we never
signed up for but hey, they are
convenient! Amusingly, we’ve also
noticed that, now that we just bought a new house, suddenly we get the high end catalogs.  Ooooh la la! Like, hello? We just bought a
house, I don’t think anyone’s springing for diamond-encrusted butt scratchers
around here.

Anyways.  I’m flipping
through the Bloomingdale’s catalog (what? I like to look) and I come across this fabulous
red coat made from what I assumed was fake fur. I look closer… it wasn’t fake. Call me naïve but I was a little shocked
that you could still buy real fur products from a department store. Sure, it’s a high end department store but
it’s still a department store. And isn’t
wearing dead animals still out? (I mean,
except for cow. Leather, totally in at
the right occasions!) I knew fur was
still sold I just assumed it was sold out of highly secure, undisclosed
locations that only the really rich knew about.  Places you had to have a password to get in
to, only learning that password after providing a Faberge egg or other secret
token to the concierge at the Four Seasons.  You know.

OK, so I flip through a few more pages and I find an even more fabulous red fur coat!  (What? I
like red.) And I’m even drooling a
little (because it was that fabulous)
even though I know it’s probably real fur too. This one? BEAVER fur! $4500 worth of beavers. I’m not fanatical against all fur or
anything, I just think real fur coats are more appropriate if, you know, we’re
in apocalyptic times and need to keep warm. Fake fur is kind of fun and kitschy. Real fur is rather… hmmm. In
general, I don’t really approve of the offing of little creatures for fashion
(except for cows, but we’re eating them anyway). It just seems like unnecessary karma. 

And besides all that… could you imagine the obvious social
pitfall of owning such a coat?…

“Excuse me, boys. I won’t be just a sec… I need to go put on
my beaver.”

Rich people are weird. 

 – the