While in the car (and much cuter than the whining)…

CHANCE, singing:  "The itsy bitsy spider climbs up Chance's leg.  DOWN comes the PEE and washed spider away!"


ME: "Um… out comes the sun?"

CHANCE: "OUT comes the sun and dries up all the PEE!  And the itsy bitsy spider climbs up Chance's leg again."

I swear I didn't teach him that.  (And I suppose only a boy would be confidant that he could get a stream with enough power to wash away spiders.  I certainly can't do that.)

Despite that it looks like I'm turning into one of those bloggers who only posts once a week (and then once every two weeks, and then once a month, and then gradually drifts away,) in actuality I have been swamped with a work project.  I swear I will get back to posting more often – and more importantly, READING! – as soon as I can.

Though wishes for good sleep would be much appreciated.
             – the weirdgirl