My child is not letting me get anything done today.  I've been attempting to answer a few emails, write a little… about 45 minutes worth of work I figure… for about two hours now.  OK, granted, he's coming off of two weeks of illness, finally feels better, and now it's raining so yeah, I'd be bouncing off the walls, too.  Oh wait, no I wouldn't… because I am old and I like to rest.

I woke up with this great blog post in my head!  I was all excited!  Until I realized that I had dreamed about posting.  Like something happened in my dream and I literally thought, in my dream, "This is going to make such a great post!"  And sadly, it would have, because in my dream I'm at a friends' house (but, you know, their made-up, super awesome, swanky house that they don't have in real life) and there's some contractor there, like a plumber or something, and he's completely naked.  But hot. The way contractors are on TV.  And it's obvious that he's a nudist, not pervy, just likes to be naked (mitigated by the hotness).  But still, it's a little unprofessional and he even has an underling contractor with him, fully dressed, (also hot,) who's rolling his eyes behind his boss' buff back.  So we're all standing around the kitchen (the super awesome, swanky kitchen (oh, and everything was super clean, did I mention that?)), me, a couple of friends, and the naked and not so naked contractors, kind of at a loss for words, all wondering about the professionalism of penii, when in walks the owner of the house also, sarcastically, NAKED!

Point made, penis = not professional.

That's when I dreamed, "Oh my god, I'm SO posting about this!"  Because, honestly, how often is something like this going to happen? 

(Might I also mention, because it is just too good not to mention, that me and all my friends… we looked fabulous!  Like pre-kid, pre-middle-aged fabulous.  Which I guess is why we were rolling with the nudity.) 

It took me about two hours this morning, thinking, "There was that post I was going to write… what was it about again?"… before I realized it was a dream. 


                – the weirdgirl