So I'm doing this thing were I'm trying to catch up on some of the major children's/young adult novels that I missed so whenever Chance gets around to reading I'll know what his books are about.  Essentially, I'm reading below my age level (because I am SO SMART).  See, I was pretty well versed in most of the kids' books growing up, but I read so much (*cough* bookworm geek) that somewhere around 12ish I finished up everything in our grade school library and I switched over to adult books.  And by adult books I don't mean Forever, I mean adult sci-fi and fantasy.

Because just in case you haven't figured it out from the many previous statements on this blog… I am a nerd.  

(Which of course translates to assuming my child will also be a nerd.)

So I've been picking up some of the more popular books, including the Percy Jackson series. Of course, I'm proudly walking around with my Percy Jackson books, pointing out to 8-year-olds in various waiting rooms, "Hey, I'm reading that, too!" and asking if anyone's seen the movie yet, etc ad nauseam.

And someone said, "Isn't that just like Harry Potter?"  Whereas I proceeded to prove my inherent nerdiness by uttering "NO!" with all the appropriate accompanying Napoleon-Dynamatic sounds and readying my Gandolf action figure for battle.  "Um, one has witches and wizards and the other has Greek gods.  Duh." 

Then me and the other 8-year-olds totally share this commiserating eye-roll.

Anywho, I have to say I've been really digging (they still say that right?) the Percy Jackson books.  I've torn through the series at a pretty undignified clip for an adult who has no business wrestling children for the last copy at the bookstore and what has impressed me is the incorporation of the original myths.  I had to read the Odyssey and the Iliad in school, taught by an actual Greek who was close to retiring (because you're only allowed to be Greek for so long) and I vividly remember this class because this particular teacher would read out passages and then ask us, the students, what we thought it meant and we would offer up our best interpretations and stumble bravely along and we were always wrong, because we were not Greek.  But he would never tell us what anything actually meant.  Way to earn that pension.  However, besides the fact that, according to Greeks I know nothing, I DO KNOW that the books are pretty darn entertaining and clever to this super hip middle-aged mom who may or may not need a little escapism now and again (and you wouldn't begrudge her that, would you? even if she is a nerd).  And… I love Percy's attitude.  Attitude goes a long way with me.  I learned that in college.

Now hopefully they won't fuck up the whole series via film. Have I mentioned I haven't seen the movie?  That's my next stop after picking up something skelanimal at Hot Topic.

I thought for sure I had a point somewhere besides the business end of a sword.

            – the weirdgirl