I’m on to the adventure of baby-proofing!  Now that the little guy is getting more mobile I know it’s time.  He can basically get into every place that the cats can get into (sans jumping) but with a lot less grace.  And that tendency babies have of pulling things down on themselves gives me horrid, horrid visions of rushing to the hospital because I forgot to move something heavy.   

So on with the baby-proofing!  I know most people dread the baby-proofing process, the minutiae, the due-diligence, but I’m kind of enjoying it.  It lets me live out some of my anal decorating fantasies.  (Or maybe my anal and my decorating fantasies.  Something like that.)  Because, not only do you get to attach all the various safety paraphernalia therefore putting a “completed” checkmark next to that item on the to do list and feeling a bit of smug satisfaction for a job well done, BUT… you get to coordinate too!!  Yes, yes, I’ve been busy looking up various organizing baskets online and sorting through my collection of cool decorative stuff that I had to buy because it was on sale and looked really nice even though I didn’t know quite what to do with it… yet. 

Do you ever have those moments where you know your whole life has been leading up to something big and it finally culminates?  Well… thank you shopping life!  You’ve served me well.

There is now a lovely, antique-looking, hand-painted hinged box (that I had in the corner for ages) hiding all of the wires for my husband’s playstation.  And it can sit right next to the TV looking all sharp and decorative-y.  Hee hee!  Big Lots is my friend.  I’m off to the garage next to see what I’ve got stashed there.  I’m hoping to score a woven basket or two.  If not… well, damnit I guess I’ll just have to go shopping.  Twist my arm, why don’t you?              – the weirdgirl

And for everyone who asked… thanks!  I am feeling better.  I think me and the little one were just fighting off the same flu bug.