It occurs to me that I might be going through a wee tad of a mid-life crisis.  I'm not doing anything too crazy yet; it's just the general realization that my life is half over and I wasted a lot of time of that first half bumming around thinking I had plenty of time.  And even though lately I think I'm slowly dialing life in, (oh, watch out, I'm gonna get cocky! (not really, I think that's part of the crisis)) I do feel like I need to catch up. 

So my question is… where do I go from here?  How do I really maximize my mid-life crisis?  Should I get a tattoo?  Take an extended vacation to "find myself"?  I like the classics but I'd also like some originality.  You know that whole bit where you get the convertible and the bright young thing?  I don't really get that part.  Because, to be honest, I tried it and when we were driving around – totally snarling my hair, by the way – she kept asking when she was going to get her boob job.  And I was like, "Hello? I bought the convertible. YOU'RE buying ME a boob job!"  And she was all, "OMG! I did not get a degree in Marketing to buy my own boobs!  What kind of bright young thing do you think I am?!  You know what? Just get me a new bag before I get upset."  And I was all, "Ugh! Demanding much?!"  But I did get her a new bag because I figured it was cheaper than surgery.  Then I had to explain it all to my husband and it just got really confusing.

So that road is out.  Maybe a Vespa?

The suggestion box is open.