I am a firm believer in protecting our civil liberties. I feel that there are certain lifestyle
choices that should be left solely up to the individuals practicing them and
not subject to governmental morality or controls. I believe in our Bill of Rights and the
pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. I even will go so far as to say that I believe most people are reasoning
and responsible adults (or should be) and they should be allowed to live in
freedom, whatever way they please.

But then there are other moments
when I feel like, “Enough already, psychological testing for everyone.”

There is something broken.

My first reaction, when I hear that the school’s security is
blamed for not reacting quickly enough, is that that isn’t fair.  There are always going to be certain
individuals who aren’t psychologically, emotionally, morally sound, with a propensity
toward violence.  But obviously there is
something about our schools – perhaps they seem vulnerable and easy? is there a
glamour about conquering them? – that is drawing that violence.

That first link up there? It’s a timeline of recent school shootings; from 1998 it lists 47
shootings at schools, most of those in the US.


So do we ramp up security forces at our schools? Have the butts of guns bristling above the
heads of children walking into classrooms?

Give psych profiles as part of the new entrance exams?

There is something broken.  I haven’t a clue how to fix it.  All I know is my kids have to go school… and some days that makes me feel ill.   – wg