I was listening to the Bluegrass
Tribute to the Killers
on Amazon… you know those little clip samples they
got? and I admit, I stumbled across this album and was intrigued… and guess
what? Chance LOVES bluegrass! He sat with eyes glued to the computer the
entire time I played through the clips.  I ended up buying the album for him and he
just rocks out to some banjo picking like nobody’s business. Big ass grin on his face, cruising all over the living room, bopping and weaving like only a toddler can. My mom would be so proud*. 

And it’s cool because I have no issues with bluegrass and I can sing the words to the Killers
as Chance teaches himself to clog.  A win
all around. 

It also made me wonder what other musical genres he might
enjoy. Ones that I’ve neglected to
expose him to (bad mommy!). I already
know that he isn’t exactly partial to metal guitar riffs, even going so far as
to putting his fingers in his ears if I’m listening to something that’s too
“heavy” (the opinions on that kid!), but at the same time I’m not really willing
yet to give up all my rock – punk, alternative or otherwise.  (I have to listen to it, too, you know.)  So I did a little digging to see if there were
other interesting “tribute” albums out there. 

Turns out there is a whole record label devoted to
this stuff. Including (among many more
tribute albums than I expected):

in Baroque: The String Tribute to AC/DC

The Piano Tribute to REM

Electronic Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Lounge: A Tribute to Sublime

to Michael Jackson
 (this is the only
one I can’t hear in my head)

I love this crazy world. Education is fun! – wg

*She, amongst all her other hippie activities, also played
in bluegrass bands all through college.