I am having the hardest time transitioning. It's back to a regular schedule after winter break and I am nothing but befuddled.  (I also can't seem to type. But I'm still type A so the typos are really working my nerves.)  I kind of feel like I was smacked upside the head this year.  Not the whole year, just the last month. The last month bitch-slapped me something good. Just for fun, see, because the month was bored and wanted something to do. 

So I'm not sure what to do to jar me back into a groove. I have never been one for resolutions so I don't have a new workout routine to hate on or anything.  I already have my bucket list of mid-life crisis reactions goals. I'd learn something new but I already had that knitting thing on my list and you know what?  It took about five minutes to relearn that.  Oh, and then I locked up my back knitting!  No, I am not shitting you.  I can only laugh because that is some ridiculous crap right there.  Ha ha, life.  Ha ha.

Anyway, what do you do when you need a jolt?            – wg