found out this morning that my son’s class has… HEAD LICE!  Duh duh DAH!


not freaking out or anything but it is gross… a uniquely adult reaction,
I think.  When you’re a kid you’re all, “There are bugs in my hair? 
Really?  Are they cool-looking?  OK, I’m gonna go play now.”

having head lice?  I do.  It didn’t freak me out, it just was what it
was.  Use the shampoo and move on.  But I do remember getting pissed
after the fact because this girl – who gave me head lice, by the way,
after I spent the night at her house – told everyone that I gave them to
her.  I clearly remember her sitting in the car and her mother
pulling a louse out of her hair.  My lice didn’t show up until a
day or two later.  BUT she went out of her way to tell all these people
that I gave her head lice.  Clearly, she had issues with her perceived
popularity.  Buggy bitch poopy head.  (Don't you hate it when that
snappy comeback comes to you way too late?)

she had been really smart she would just have used the shampoo and kept her
mouth shut.  It’s not like any of us kids were overrun with the little
buggers.  (And most of us, whether blasé about it or not, had the sense
not to announce our lice.)

your head lice story?  Is there anyone out there who has not had

can you imagine being a teacher and having to be exposed to this crap every few

– wg