Tomorrow Chance will be nine months old.  I can’t believe how fast these last six months have gone!  Especially since the pregnancy and first three months seemed so long.  It is mind boggling to me that I’ve been waist deep in this whole adventure (including being preggers) for 18+ months.  And that in only three more short months Chance will be one year old!  All in all it has been a wonderful, exhausting, horrifying, and perfect experience.

(Though I do dream I’ll get a real vacation again someday.  Now I know why all those parents at Hawaiian resorts lie in a stupor, soaking up the sun while their kids get chased around by the pool attendants. I’ve seen ‘em.)

So here’s an update at where Chance is at nine months:

He has seven teeth, with the eighth about to break through.  Poor kid got five of them within two weeks.  And I think his molars may be starting too, because he’s drooling/chewing on his fingers at the back of his mouth.  He’s pretty stoic about it, though. I think he may have inherited his dad’s mouth.  Keen has the most sensitive feet in the world – you don’t want to hear him when he stubs his toe – but Keen has a double root canal and doesn’t take ANY pain killers afterwards.  (crazy)  See me?  I’m the opposite.  Tough feet, wimpy teeth. 

As I have previously posted, Chance has learned to clap. He’s also started with the pincer grasp, which he uses to seek out and pop small items from the floor into his mouth (argh!).  Since he’s started that I figure it’s about time to move on to slightly chunkier foods.  (I admit, I’ve been a total chicken about the finger food thing.  But with good reason; I tried giving him a bit of grown-up mashed potatoes once and he rowlfed all over me.  I’m hoping that gag reflex has gotten better.) 

He hasn’t quite figured out waving bye-bye yet, but he can rotate his little wrist like a fiend so I’ve been giving him brass bells to play with (‘tis the season for ringing).  And he also does a pretty good mad scientist impression twiddling his fingers together.

He crawls like a madman, pulls himself up on everything, and has even been eyeing the short spaces between furniture.  Chance and I both know he’s not ready for that step yet (and I’m DEFINITELY not ready for him walking yet), but it’s fun to watch him weighing the possibilities.      

No words yet.  It’s taken him a little longer to start babbling.  His favorite sound?  Diga diga diga.  Yup, just like that pervert on Family Guy.

So that’s it for now.  Tomorrow nine month pictures and a trip to see Santa.  It’s so obvious it’s for us more than him, but what can I say?  I’ve got to document it all.  We’ve turned into those typical, sappy parents.  J 

Have a good weekend everyone!            – the weirdgirl