So here is my new design – all thanks to Steven, graphic designer extraordinaire!  I asked if he would make me a (single) logo and a (single) banner.  Instead, he made me a whole slew of super cool and FUN graphics that could be used all over the place.  I am so excited!  Here is a sampling.

A wg logo (he did more than one treatment).


Just hanging out.


Emoticon heads.  Strangely, these actually capture my real-life goofiness.  For example here is me mouthing off.    


Me (or rather my character) as a superhero in my killer car, speeding off to fight crime! (or succumbing to road rage)  How cool is that?!


I had a lot of fun on this project (and I think Steven did, too).  Because I work in marketing as a project manager who can also write/edit, I’ve produced a lot of different materials.  Basically, someone (usually paid better than I) comes to me and says, “hey I need a datasheet / promotional ad / newsletter, etc.” and my job is to get it done.  I’m usually the one pulling all the resources together, working with the designers, working with the writers or writing the content myself, making sure everything gets printed the right way and delivered.

This is the first time I’ve ever had graphics done for me.  What a rush.

And hopefully I wasn’t too much of a pain in the butt for Steven.           

           – the weirdgirl