I am nothing but a languishing pile of swollen tissues. 

So I've come to the conclusion that being in your 40s is definitely a mixed bag.  On the one hand you've got more experience, confidence, and usually a little more money.  You do things that you've never tried before. You speak your mind.  On the other hand, your body is going to pot and the older generation starts passing away.  Everyone turns the 40s into jokes about being too tired for sex, but the fact of the matter is they are just fricking hard!  It's probably a good thing everyone has their neurotic period in their 20s and 30s, because you just don't have time for neuroses while you're busy taking care of everyone later.

Sorry, non sequitor rant there.  My throat is swollen, my sinuses are swollen, and the rest of me is starting to swell up because I'm doing nothing lately but hiding from pollen and waiting for my radioactive throat to heal up.  (And, obviously, having too much time to think.)  The throat is being problematic by the way. You'll probably hear me bitch about it for the next two to six months because that's how long it could take to heal!  I'm starting to feel really lazy.  And not the good kind of lazy where you watch a movie and take a nap and feel justified about deserving it because you spend all your time taking care of other people.  This is the bad kind of lazy.  The snowballing type.  I had a fitness plan in place for the summer that I am not meeting!  OK, wait, that sounded snottily healthy.  I had a vague notion to take some sort of fitness classes for the summer that I am not meeting!  Instead I'm eating a lot of popsicles.  For my throat.  But they're the one's that are made from squished fruit so I'm going to count them as nutritious.