For the very first time since he’s been born Keen and I are leaving Chance.  (Actually, Keen has had to go out of town before but Chance has always been with me; this is the first time he’ll be overnight with someone other than ourselves.) We’re going out of town to celebrate our anniversary while Chance and grandma stay at home.  Even though it’s only for one night I’m starting to feel a bit anxious.  We’ve had the trip planned for a while but I’ve really been in a sort of denial about it – you know, too busy to think about anything but what’s right at hand – but now that our trip is tomorrow vague anxiety has been plaguing me all day.  I have to stop the Mommy Brain from traveling down the path of Horrid Potential Pitfalls and Assorted Dangers.   

I’m sure everything will be fine.  Right? 

Right.  (Look, it’s my first time away, I’m allowed to freak a little. And yes, I admit I have some trust issues in the event of something happening.)

Grandma is going to stay at our place while we’re gone, which we figure will make the whole process smoother, sticking to Chance’s routine and all.  Of course, that means we had to clean up the house (ugh), shop for food (ugh), and change the sheets (double ugh… WHAT? It’s the weekend, damnit! There’s no cleaning in baseball).  In the end, we’ll probably have spent just as much time prepping as we actually did on the trip.

Ha ha, snort.  Fucking irony.

I’m actually really looking forward to the trip. We’re going to a winery/hotel/spa in Carmel.  I have a massage scheduled!  That’s always a good thing.  Plus, fancy dinner, eaten completely uninterrupted or needing to pick up food mid-meal, and without Little Einsteins playing in the background.  Also a good thing. 

But still… damn Mommy Brain. 

Hey bloggers, send good vibes my way, please. 


              – the (anxious) weirdgirl