We're getting ready for a family vacation in just over a week.  I totally feel like I'm forgetting something.  And not like in a, "Hey, have I checked my Zombie Farm lately?"  More like, "Oh my god, I totally forgot about the zombie in my backyard!  And I totally pulled out all these records so that I could decapitate it in an entertaining way!  Dude, where's the cat?!" 

Chance graduates preschool next week.  At least, if he managed to make up all those credits he missed during his unfortunate "partying" stage.  Word to the wise… co-ed toddlers… not a good idea.  Not everyone's completely potty-trained and the distractions are endless.  And don't even get me started on the bad influence of preschool fraternities.

At the same time, all this stuff for kindergarten is due right now… including last minute parent participation meetings.  What?  We also have a few house projects that kind of need to be done and/or organized before we go anywhere.  So I just know there's something vital I'm forgetting. 

I need a Bronte sister. I need a Bronte sister now.  

And for you IRL friends, any reminders would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

               – Mary