Last year I kind of hit a wall with the family Xmas newsletter, as you can see below.  Let's see if I can come up something a bit more interesting this year.  So does anyone else write a newsletter for the holidays, real or otherwise?  Just wondering.   I figure, in the age of shows like the Family Guy I can't be the only one making stuff up. šŸ˜‰


Dear Family and Friends,

We hope you all are enjoying this wonderful holiday season and that the past year has treated you well!  It has been incredibly quiet this year for our family.  In fact, it has been so uneventful I am a little embarrassed to be continuing our newsletter!  However, after much discussion we decided traditions are an important part of the holidays and must prevail!  If only for familial continuity.

As I said this year has brought no new adventures to the wg/Keen family.  Our vacation was disappointingly standard, there were no surprise visits from supernatural creatures, and discoveries of any kind have eluded us.  Our lives have become downright mundane!  Through sheer desperation we all turned to a variety of new hobbies in a bid to stave off boredom.  Keen began stamp collecting, I began preserving butterflies, and Chance taught himself calligraphy in the style of 12th century illuminated manuscripts. When we had each mastered our respective diversions we began collaborating them into unique art pieces to adorn our walls, and we even posted a few online.  Those art pieces have since been picked up for reproduction as a new elite scrapbook line that will be sold through Target. 

But besides that nothing has happened.

Again, we hope you all are well and that each and every one of you was blessed by adventure!  Our best to you all.  Merry Christmas and joy to you in the New Year! 

Love always,

The wg/Keen Family