For American Idol’s top three: Paris, Katharine, Chris.  Not that there isn’t an overload of vocal talent this season, but those three just have fire.  I think one of my favorite things about American Idol is that, even though there can only be one winner and the winner will probably end up singing a genre of pop that I don’t listen to (unless it’s Chris – rock on, dude), it’s such a great venue for new vocalists to be seen.  I love seeing new talent get a jump start.  I have yet to buy an album from anyone who has ever been on the show (or to vote), but I have no doubt many of this season’s contestants will go on to have lucrative careers.  (And I hope Taylor Hicks hooks up with a band because he would be a great front man.)

I’d also like to share a bit of Keen wisdom, who turned to me in the middle of Kevin Covais’ performance tonight and said, “I finally figured out who he reminds me of… Sherman.”  As in Mr. Peabody’s Sherman.  I know everyone is calling him Chicken Little, but seriously take a look…



Hush you!  (snicker)

In other TV scenes, is it just me or has Jack’s character become awfully two-dimensional?  “You have my word.”  Psshh!            – the weirdgirl