This is the progress of the evening. 

5:00pm  First (of course) double check that Tivo is all set up to record American Idol and Lost. 

5:00 – 7:00  Do laundry, have dinner, give Chance bath.

7:10pm  Keen checks American Idol winner via Internet.  (Because we can!)

7:30 – 9:15  Put Chance to bed.  More laundry.  A little computer work.

9:20pm  Start watching Lost… am fully absorbed (but still feel smug about fast-forwarding through commercials).

11:05pm  Switch over to the recorded American Idol.  (I still want to see the contestant reactions, you know?)  Fast-forward through all musical numbers except Green Day.  Watch Green Day.  Fast forward to end.  Careful now… don’t overshoot… shit!  Start from beginning.  Get to the end again… slowly slowly… everyone’s standing around looking excited… Ryan starts fondling the envelope… aaaand…

Damn Tivo recording ends. 

Oh well.  I would have been really pissed if Lost had gotten cut off.            
             – the weirdgirl