A recent conversation with a friend reminded me of this picture, evidence of my "awkward period". My friend's daughter is the same age as I was when I took this picture.  She thinks she is "goofy looking".  She of the beautiful, model-esque features and gazelle body, WHO ALSO plays some kick-ass baseball… in the boys league.  Yeah.

Not that I would ever initiate this conversation, because I remember, oh how do I remember, what it was like at that age, but if this young lady ever brings up looking "goofy" in my presence, man! I will be whipping this photo out so fast.  

Because really.

Ugly Betty photo

This picture was taken at my dentist's office right before I was told I needed braces.  So add braces to the same picture for the next year and a half.  (The general awkwardness lasted until I was… like… 28.)  If you shoved my hair in a cap I looked like my brothers.  Just so you know, I wore that green hoodie everywhere.

I thought I had burned all of these photos – no, I mean, I literally burned these pictures, my mom even helped, if that says anything – but this one was STILL IN MY DENTIST'S OFFICE!  For 25 years this is the photo the entire office staff saw every time they opened my file. 

I have this photo on my desk because it makes me laugh now.  I mean, after getting over the general trauma that an extended gawky period causes anyone.  And then, after I got over the new and improved mortification of learning this visage had been viewed every six months for 25 years by dental professionals. 

Don't laugh too hard.       

Oh OK, go ahead.            – wg