So I bought this new pair of jeans. Skinny, soft, they've got a couple of those pre-made holes in them (which I'm not crazy about) but they are oh so comfortable! I figured, what's a couple of questionably fashionable holes when they feel that good? It's not like they're work clothes. In fact, I was so excited about these jeans that the first time I wore them I just cut off the tags, put them on, and went out. I know, ew. But that wasn't the icky part!  As I wore them I started to notice a distinct odor. It wasn't horrible but it was definitely odd, in a decidedly bodily fluids kind of way. I'm not saying my pants smelled like poo, that would be going too far, but it was in the realm of an infected hangnail or maybe a stale fart. Did I mention these jeans feel like pajamas?  I thought, well, that's what I get for not washing them first. This is probably what an Indonesian truck smells like.  I threw them in the wash and didn't think any more about it.  Yesterday I wore them again, my deliciously comfortable pants. I didn't notice anything at first but as the day wore on I again began to smell that funky, body-gone-wrong odor.  It started wafting up every time I moved too much or squatted down to pick something up.  It still wasn't super noticeable. I probably was the only one getting a good whiff from my jeans that felt (and smelled) like a kitten's butt. But they are so comfortable!  So it really begs the question… how much stank do you put up with for comfy jeans?