It’s too cold to think of a nice, cohesive post. With a theme and a touch of Christmas spirit,
maybe. Or even just an appropriate life
story that makes sense. Oh wait, you
never get that. OK then, without further ado some Monday babbling…

My work contract officially ended on Friday. Actually, it really ended back in
September. I’ve spent the last 2 ¾
months working week to week, while my extension floated through a Byzantium paperwork
system. My extension is still,
apparently, floating through paperwork. Whatev. Frankly, I could use the
break. Even if they bring me back next
week that gives me this week to (attempt to) finish everything else that’s been

I think I’ve been a little burnt of being on the
computer. I’ve done lots of shopping
online, lots of research, and work got a bit busy in the last couple of
weeks. By the time I get to blogging or
even answering emails I’ve been out of it. Apologies to all I owe email! My
next project is organizing digital photos. This is an important component of my holiday gift strategy but still… ugh.

My drum lessons are going well. I’m getting it; my playing hasn’t a modicum
of soul in it, but I’m getting there. And most exciting (to me)… I’m finally reading music! I never learned how, you see. Coming from a family of musicians, many of
which would try to teach me something then get absolutely frustrated when I
wouldn’t instantly “get it” (unlike them), and then I, in a panic, just
memorizing all the fingering. Or whatever
was needed. Even when I briefly took piano
lessons at college the reading of music didn’t stick. (Of course, I quit that class pretty
quick. Teacher was an asshole who kept
making students cry. (Not me.))  Anyway, I’m pretty pleased.

Google is pissing me off, with it’s strong arm marketing
tactics! What’s with this whole need a
google/blogger account to leave a comment and URL link on a blog?    I mean, maybe some of us already have a google
account (for a now defunct blog) and we just don’t want to use it? Huh? Search engine fascists!

For my new retro halter 50s dress, in a fabulous bronze
shade I might add, bought for this year’s hubby’s work bash, I’d really like
some metallic teal peep-toes. That would
be sweet. Affordable, of course.  Anyone seen any?

– wg

P.S. Our household colds seem to be on the wane.

P.P.S. Chance keeps taking apart our Christmas tree.  Do you think if I put aluminum foil down around the tree that would deter him?  (You know, like with cats?)