My grandfather is in bad shape.  He went in for surgery last Monday.  The surgery was to reattach his colon, which had been detached in a surgery last November.  Initially everything seemed to go well.  But he wasn't bouncing back the way he did after the last surgery.  His colon ruptured and he went into septic shock. 

Right now he's fighting the infection but his kidneys won't come back online.  He is a very strong man.  He's 86 but he was healthy going in and we're all hoping he can continue fighting. 

My grandfather's name is Bob.  For some reason, probably because of some strange toddler mispronouncement, instead of calling him granddad or grandpa, I and my brothers grew up just calling him Bob.  The other kids in the family call him Grandpa.  I introduced him to Chance as Grandpa Bob because in my mind he will always be the first and foremost Bob in my life.

Please send him your prayers.