On Thursdays I feel like I fall into a dark hole and it
takes me halfway through the weekend to climb out (you notice it’s Saturday
night, right?). Thursday is the one day
I go into the office and… it’s not like it’s horrible or anything, I just
somehow always feel a bit cut off.  My
email is cluegy plugging into the network. Obviously, I don’t blog, or read and comment on other blogs. I don’t talk with the people I usually talk
with. I always think I’ll catch up on
stuff when I get home and I’m just exhausted.  In general, it disrupts my routine. Electronically, psychologically, socially,

Not to sound like I’m whining about having to work. I don’t mind working; I like the actual work
and I really like the cash.  I find cash quite useful.  It’s just… when I made the decision to go back
into the office I thought it would make scheduling easier, but instead I feel
like I’m losing big chunks of time. I spent the last few months wondering why I
couldn’t quite get my crap together before I realized it was probably the
routine change. (Yeah, I’m slow like

Plus, why the fuck does everything takes three times as long
(or more) to get done in the office? Oh my GOD, that irritates me! 

Anywho. Being a
contractor can feel like you’re always on the clock. There’s a lot of hurry-up-to-wait going on,
as well as “expecting a call”, and “that project may come in” time. There have been many a Friday that Keen has
taken off for family time, only to have me hanging around to see whether I need
to join a conference call. 

So it is with much pleasure that I decided to take off this
coming week. Oh, there may be a random
call or two, but otherwise I am off the clock.
(Trust me, it’s been a while.)  It’s a holiday week. Keen is
home. I am going to do family time, take
some naps, eat a lot, work on my Christmas shopping, and do some not-even-remotely-close-to-marketing writing. Me and Keen might even go to see a movie! It’s been so long since I’ve seen a movie at
the theatres I don’t even know what’s playing.

And let’s see if I can catch up on some blogging, eh?    –