The elusive snotmonster is a wily creature.  Once our team tracked down a likely specimen the beast fought aggressively to avoid capture, squirming violently and sounding its distinctive grunting-nose-whistle.  Avoiding its flailing limbs, it took no less than two members handling the beast to ensure no harm came to it or the team during its examination.  Finally subdued, the team members quickly took a sample of the characteristic feature of the snotmonster in the hopes that further analysis of the DNA would lend insight into its unique immune system and possible evolutionary forebearers.  Due to the unusually excessive amounts of said snot and the relative ease with which the team tracked this particular creature, it could only be surmised that the snotmonster was suffering from an ailment that slowed it down.  However unfortunate that was for the beast, it benefited the team greatly as they acquired quite a large sample of the creature’s snot and even went on to clear the animal’s nasal passage for better breathing.  Once that was complete the only thing left for the team was to tag it and release it back into the wild; continual tracking of its migratory patterns and behavior will be invaluable for future understanding and protection of the snotmonster.           

                – the weirdgirl