So what seems to happen when I'm not posting is either 1) I have nothing to say, 2) I'm whining way too much so I refrain (sort of) from spewing it all over the web, 3) there is TOO much I want to talk about and I get all muddled and then nothing comes out.

This has been one of those weeks where there is too much to say.

First, Prop 8… sigh.  Not happy at all.  Also not as surprised as I would really like to be.  I'd be really happy if my cynicism could be proven wrong once in a while.  Or maybe that I could enjoy blissful naivety.  Or something.  I don't know.  However, I am totally prepared to hit the pavement for signatures for another election.  (Probably won't wear my recent shoe acquisitions though.)

Second… I'm going to BlogHer '09 after all!!  Made it off the waiting list.  Hope prevails! 

Third, I have been following much of the blogging/branding conversation, of which Mom-101 has the latest insightful post.  Although I haven't commented much in the tweets and post, I'm going to jump into this conversation, too.  I think we're missing something vital, but it might be just my quirky brain.  More on that later.       

          – the weird (I want my funny back) girl