I was going to name this Miscellaneous Monday, but it turns
out it’s already almost Tuesday. (Seriously,
I do NOT know where the day goes!) I
throw up these mish-mash posts sometimes, and I really need to come up with a better name, because, like a bad
bender in Tijuana, I know I’ll do them again. Any
suggestions? (In college when I was
writing a paper or creative piece at the very last second, as I often did, I
used to refer to it in my head as puking on the page. Sometimes these posts
bring that to mind.)


Decorating news – Chance’s big boy bed finally came in! I feel kind
of guilty. He was/is really
excited. He loves the space, the
freedom, the status (those social climbing three-year-olds are so demanding). We really should have gotten him out of his
crib sooner. But with having NO room in
our old house and then trying to get settled after moving, we were a bit late. The cat, however, felt absolutely no guilt in
taking advantage of the new room and cushy-ness. Observe.


The bed (for size referencing).  Chance looks very cute in it, even though he’s dwarfed.  That’s him and the cat at the FAR end.


Drumming update – I have moved on to set work, instead of
the basics of snare. I am now at the
proficiency level of one of those horrible child bands whose parents thought it
would be so cute to assemble their
various children and force teach them just enough to bang out a 3-chord song
(maybe) all while smiling cheerily, as occasionally seen on such children’s
programs as Yo Gabba Gabba. Yes, I am
THAT good. Thank you. Thank you very much.  Now if I could just find a bunch of
nine-year-olds who would play with me.

Guilty pleasure – I’ve been watching The Millionaire
Matchmaker. Not going out of my way or
anything, but if it’s on. It can be SO very
appalling (example: some of these men are more primped and polished plastic
than the women – ew!; example: how do these women manage to talk about their
pets and throw in “I like steamy showers” in the same breath?; example: the LA
“I’ll win by having the most plastic surgery” lifestyle; example: that
Matchmaker really talks some shit), but I still keep watching.  And sometimes there are some endearing guys who really need help finding the perfect
woman.  I’m on a slippery slope,
people. What trash are you

– the