Today is the five year anniversary of this blog.  I almost missed it!  Because I'm not very good at things like dates.

Blogging is often a learning curve that… doesn't curve so much as it whips around turns like a mountain road. One of the juicy tidbits I learned at BlogHer 10 this year was to put a Google alert on my blog name or real life name.  Duh.  I've been doing this five years and that never occurred to me?  I only have Google alerts for Bigfoot, UFO, and monsters. (You know, important shit.)  Obviously, I've been doing this whole thing wrong!

Here is my very first ever blog post.  I still often feel like screaming, but I'm so much more prone to a sore throat now.  WTF age?  Hopefully, I have not stumbled into the pretentious fuck voice (although sometimes I wonder if that might not make my blog more interesting.  (Note to self: consider pretention?)).

No Apologies.              – the weirdgirl