You’ve seen them, those guys who aren’t afraid to admit that they need some pampering, too.  They care about their clothes, their grooming, the latest techniques in manicures for men.  Well, I want to talk about a pioneer of this trend, a fellow who I feel has often been forgotten, but is actually a front runner of the metrosexual movement.  Yes, I’m talking about the ultimate metrosexual… Grover. 

Long, long before men weren’t afraid to openly discuss their back waxes while they sipped frappiccinos at the local café, there was Grover.  Grover, who typically referred to himself as “furry and astonishingly cute”.  The blue monster who went on safari and was the first to point out he was sporting an “adorably cute safari outfit”.  Grover, who proudly danced and sang in monster musical reviews, such as the infamous production of Fuzzy and Blue.  He always kept his fur impeccably groomed, often counseling others to do the same.  He even wore hats.  Grover was never afraid to be anything other than Grover and if that included some dressing trends other people found effeminate so be it!  He was never ashamed.   

Grover_1And throughout the decades Grover always kept up with what was in vogue. Whether he was working as a waiter or sporting his favorite superhero cape (another bold move, I might add) he would wax eloquent with anyone he encountered, displaying his impressive vocabulary and knowledge of a variety of subjects.  A true renaissance monster.  And no one can doubt his influence among the metrosexuals today; a generation raised on Sesame Street, growing up with a finer appreciation for grooming, style, and flair.  (And let me tell you, some of us chicks really appreciate that.)

So here’s a toast to Grover: You brave fuzzy monster, you.  Paving the way, an inspiration, and ya didn’t even know it. Our hats off to you!        – wg

The lovely Kara was kind enough to invite me to join the Mother’s Day bloggect.  I’ll be posting a tribute soon (I’m still working on it).  Thanks also to Dutch and Winnie for their recent links.  I love the Internet!