Oh my GOD, I’m having such a bad morning it has reached the ridiculous level.  Seriously, I am at a point where all I can do is laugh.  Let’s review:

First, Chance managed to find a leftover glass of red wine and spilled it everywhere while I was upstairs.  (I had the Bunko/playgroup ladies over last night.  Not that we played Bunko; we just sat around until 12:30 talking and eating.  But still, I hosted Bunko so I think it’s official… I’m now a "mom".)  The mess was totally my fault; it was the ONE item I had missed when I cleaned up. 

Second, I rear-ended someone on the way to Chance’s preschool and work.  Looked away for a second, stop and go traffic, yadda yadda yadda.  It was minor, but again… my fault.  I was/am rattled because I have only been in one fender bender and it was YEARS ago!  But still, you know, shake it off, take care of things one a time and move on.  No excessive whimpering (except for here).  No letting it ruin the rest of your day.  That’s how I roll.

Third, successfully drop Chance at daycare (yay!), pull into work and realize that I’ve forgotten the power cord to my laptop.  My stupid battery lasts an HOUR!  I may have to pick all my work up and go home.  Which, I’m fine with, but doesn’t look so good to management.

Fourth, sign-in to work only to discover that my contractor badge has expired.  Red tape full speed ahead.  BUT the ultra-cool receptionist/security gal has an extra power cord for a Dell. Score!

Fifth, can’t find anyone that I work with.  They’ve all disappeared (like alien abductions).  I know that yet another person is gone due of a family emergency, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to be working on because of that (since I was working with her. Oh, and I found out she was gone from our vendor, not from any actual bosses/co-workers.  How fucked up is that?).  Decide to blog.  (Another great thing to do in front of management. Whatev.)

Finally, at my desk, got the computer up, calling Keen and the insurance agency when… I get a call from the preschool… Chance just got bit by another child.  And my reaction on the phone, "Oh good, as long as HE doesn’t bite anyone!" 

And that’s about when I started laughing.  (The preschool people probably think I’m crazy.)

Yeah, I’m the universe’s happy bitch.          – wg