I am sick.  And a bit crampy.  I don’t think the two are related, though.  Just, you know, a Murphy’s Law or something.  I’ll be back to posting/visiting/commenting soon, I’m sure.  Right after I’ve coughed up a lung or cramped out a… uh… never mind.

In the meantime, how about some delurking?  I totally missed the whole official "Delurking Day" back in January.  As usual.  (Why does the Internet insist on being so damn organized?  I wandered into blog land thinking it would be all messy and homelike.  You know, a comfort zone.  Not neatly segmented and deadline driven; with capitals and titles, even.  It’s almost like someone is behind all this organization.  Like a massive secret organization of organizers.  So… this is a message to… someone… out there, please stop pushing my type-A buttons!  I know you’re running things, but can you just lighten up a little?  It’s bad enough I have to be organized for life!  (No, I haven’t taken too many cold meds, thanks for asking.))   

Anyway, would love to hear from any new visitors.  A shout-out, a request to cease and desist, whatever.  And as for my usual, beloved visitors… feel free to leave a message after the beep.   

(If you’re from the secret organizers… I don’t really want to know.)
            – wg

This has just been in my head.