I'm microblogging today because my back has gone out, but I can't stand the idea of just sitting around, waiting to go to my chiropractor, so I'm attempting my daily word count and writing in pain! That's called commitment. Or lunacy. I forget which. Anywho, I'm keeping it short. 

We got a new TV! Our last TV wasn't that old but it was getting harder and harder to see and I figured it was just ME, getting old. (Also, what is with these producers filming everything in such deep, dark, noir-tinted angst? Like seriously? People don't live in perpetual night no matter how melodramatic their fictional lives are.) So I kept moving a lamp closer and closer until it was blinding us, and every time a show did a lightning quick screen shot of a text message, I'd pause the show, jump up, run at the TV, and squint to read the text message, before hurrying back to my seat and unpausing. Ridiculous. But at least I was getting my steps in! Then my husband mentioned that maybe we should get a bigger TV because we were only getting older, and that both made sense to me and made me feel relieved that I wasn't the only one aging and blind.  

Anywho again. The new TV is all crisp and focused (frankly, the TV looks better than real life) and so much brighter than our old one. It turns out… the LED backlighting was going out on the old TV! That's why it was dark and grainy with weird spots. It wasn't US at all! No one could see on it! 

So maybe I might not be as decrepit and aged as I thought. (Senile, on the other hand, might still be a possibility.)               - wg