So you know how I wanted to relearn how to knit?  I couldn't figure out why Keen was being so supportive of this new crafty time-suck I was picking up.  Not that he isn't supportive, but let's face it, I've had a lot of crafty time-sucks over the years and they all come with a lot of stuff.  And sure some of them are pretty useful, like jam (who doesn't like jam?), but I totally admit that I have a whole "craft" closet, besides all the stuff that's in my office. (You know, whenever you have enough shit to have its own closet, well, it's kind of a thing, you know what I'm saying?)  But he was kind of extra cheerful about the whole knitting thing and it turns out he really wanted me to make him some hats!  So after I got back the basics for knitting I decided to try this really easy pattern to make a beanie. 

Oh my god, am I fucking up this beanie!  I had to start over four times for dumb mistakes.  Which I suppose is better than making a whole wonky hat but still. By the fourth time I decided to adjust the pattern to something "easier" even though I really don't know what I'm doing. But I have learned a little something each time I jacked it up so I thought, "Well, even if it's not perfect this should get me in the right direction." And you know what?  That fourth time seemed like the charm! I thought it was really going along well, I increased stitches at the right place and everything, and my fingers might have been cramping a bit after all those attempts but I was starting to really fly along.

And then I really LOOKED at my beanie and realized… it's kind of… twisted around.  I think I'm making a mobius hat. Or a mobibeanie.

Fuck my fingers hurt.