So… I gave my blog a makeover!  Can you tell?  No, really, it’s updated.  It’s all new-like and everything!  I added a tagline and swapped out Chance’s picture!  See?  More importantly there are new updates to The Things They Don’t Tell You in Lamaze list!  Check it out!  And I even got around to updating my various blogrolls over there to the right.  (Lookee, lookee!)

OK, so I’m not one for big changes.  I mean it took me forever to come up with this layout/theme and  I’m perfectly happy with it (it’s RED!) so why change?  Of course, I see other people change the "look" of their blogs fairly regularly so I suspect that improves visitation to the site or something.   And I have to admit my visits have only been steady due to the large number of dirty swimsuit seekers.  Maybe I should think about adding technorati tags or doing some search engine optimization stuff?   Meh.  I have more fun creating t-shirts or bootlegging Little Einstein images for upcoming birthday parties (um… more on that later… but if anyone needs files I’ll probably have you covered).

I DID try to add a textured background to my blog, in red of course, but there seems to be no "edit" function for that in typepad.  Is that one of those things that requires HTML?  (Damn technology!)  Oh, and I see there is a new function where you can make these cool pop-up windows.  How the heck do they do that?  (Hey, techies, a little help?)

Ah well.  Eventually I will get to updating my categories like I keep saying I will or adding some extra spiffy functionality to the ol’ blog.  But for a long weekend like this I think the old combo catch-up-but-still-be-lazy works just fine.  Signing off the babbling (for now)…   
            – the weirdgirl