Oooh, I just ordered me a Roomba!  *cackle cackle – wrings hands together in glee*  For those of you unfamiliar with the Roomba it is a robotic vacuum.  It will vacuum your floors for you without you having to do anything.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this puppy.  We have an older home with wood floors, and between the cracks around windows and doors that happens with age and the lack of carpeting to camouflage dirt, there are a lot of dust bunnies necking in the shadowed corners of the rooms (like frickin’ teenagers, they are!).  I am so excited!  I envision gleaming floors, spotless rooms, the little robot trailing after the kid and the cats scooping up every crumb.  Oh beauty, thou name is technology.  I know this all seems very June Cleaver and I normally am NOT the type to get excited over cleaning products (I’d rather garden or tinker with shit), but if this saves me from having to vacuum every other fucking day I will be a very happy homemaker.  I may even put on a flippin’ apron!  (Probably won’t stay on, though, if Keen has anything to do with it.)

On other fronts, I’m STILL waiting for a new roof.  Blasted rain.  I just checked in with the roofers and they’re estimating another week and a half.  But MAYBE I’ll get the Roomba by the time they start!  A new roof should generate dust, right?   *bwa ha ha!*  Ah, new toys.  What’s more fun?         – the weirdgirl