My poor kid is sick now, too.  This particular germ fest involves a lot of intense headaches and not much else. The type of headaches that get so bad you kind of feel like throwing up.  But whereas I, as an adult with mucho headachy experience and being a mom, am used to ignoring pain, or at least throwing up and returning to work with only a gleam of chin dribble, my child is not equipped with such survival mechanisms.  He says, "it hurts all over when I move".  Oh baby, I know.

So Chance is now camped out on my bed, surrounded by DS cartridges, cheerios, and toys while watching cartoons, and while this scenario may seem familiar to most of you parents out there, to me IT IS NOT!  Because unlike most children, my child when sick is only marginally less active than he usually is… which means a little less bouncing, but just as much running around.  However, this time he is making a concentrated effort to move as little as possible thereby lessening the head pounding.

Which means… which means… I actually get to lay around in bed… while I'm sick!!  Wow.

I've heard these idyllic stories of cuddling in bed with your child.  Maybe I'll read a book today.  Of course, Chance always has his own interesting ideas.

"Mom, let's play a game. A game about lying!  Tell me a really good one."

Chance has been fascinated with the concepts of truth and falsehoods, lately.

"Kiddo, lies are not games."

"Yeah, but what types of lies would grownups tell?"  Apparently he feels satisfied with his knowledge of child-level lies.

"No. I said lies are not games," (Unless you're a writer), "Besides I think you already know what the truth and a lie are."

"What about bad guys in Europe?"

"What?  Um…" head pounding, "Let's read some Harry Potter."

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