"Every day you don't blog makes it easier to put it off one day more."  That should be a Chinese proverb or something.  Except (obviously) updated for today's modern world.  There could be equally pithy sayings about YouTube and Facebook.  All folded carefully inside an ipod-shaped cookie.  Sure, the cookie might taste a bit stale, but you'll still eat it.  Because that too-hard cookie, shaped in technology, grounds you to reality for a brief moment in the crunchy sweet/blandness of the everyday.  And then you'll Tweet the experience and be joined by the rousing camaraderie of other eaters of dusty fate-filled cookies.

Yeah, I don't know where I'm going with this either.  This cold is finally fading but I'm still hitting every evening (my usual "blog time") pretty wiped out.  I gotta start writing in the morning.

I bet I could totally sell these fortune cookies via catalog.   
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