I know I should come up with a better post title than that but… oh deal with it. 

Thank you to everyone who left a comment about your DIY projects!  Or those who just want jam. And thank you for the nice comments of my video performance.  Stop, you're making me blush.  And you know you're already getting jam so really, stop.  But seriously, I'm inspired.  Now that the kid is back in school I'm trying to get to all the home improvement projects that were scheduled for this summer and that I never… got… to.  ahem

Anywho!  After careful scrunity, deliberation, and writing all your names on slips of paper, sticking them in a coffee mug, and swirling them around the winning entry is…


Congratulations!  I'll be emailing you shortly.  If in any event zMary is unable to fulfill her duties as DIY queen, a new slip will be drawn from the magical mug of fate.  It's good for hot chocolate, too.

Mmmm, magical fate chocolate.              – wg