I’m at the end. Chance went back to school today and we’re both ready. In fact, he’s been acting up this last week in celebration.

Lucky, lucky me.

I’m sure there are many, many blog posts out there celebrating/lamenting the beginning of school. The plan yesterday – originally – was to go to the local kids’ hands-on museum. You know, give him something fun as a distraction. But I had to nix that one. He was so wound up in anticipation of school he pulled a big old tantrum in front of the neighbors. And you know what? I totally pulled the “that was embarrassing” card.

It didn’t embarrass me. The neighbors are parents, too. Their kids throw tantrums. But Chance can understand the concept of embarrassment now, and I am totally using it! Yes! Guilt is in the arsenal!

And he actually didn’t put up too much of a fuss when I canceled the museum. See? He got that a screaming kid in public would be embarrassing. SO USEFUL! But I still needed to distract him so after introducing him to The Clone Wars (yeah, I went there) and then digging through the recycling bin in desperation I came up with…

a butt ugly craft project. (In theory, it’s a bird feeder.)

DSC04175 rotated

Because who wouldn’t papier mache a juice bottle into something atrocious?


Instead of reducing, reusing, and recycling, we just uglied up a landfill even more. Your welcome, landfill.

By the way, while I was off being “creative” and blowing off the Internet this summer I missed my four year blogging anniversary.

Yeah, I'm good.            – wg