It has turned into quite a productive week.  First of all, I’d like to say congrats to my friend Dee (the gal we threw the shower for a couple weeks back).  She gave birth to a baby girl today after an astoundingly short four hours of labor!  That’s like winning the birthing lottery!   Congratulations, my dear!

And to all the other ladies I know who’ve had babies in the last few months (that I didn’t post about because I am a complete slacker and a terrible friend, I’m sorry!): Congrats also to Jamie, Tanja, Carrie, & Angelica!  (Yes, we’ve been swimming in babies lately.)

We also had a get together this week for some friends from overseas; a husband and wife and their baby girl (same age as Chance) from Ireland.  Now this is an old girlfriend from college, and she is one of those individuals where things just happen around her.  You know what I’m talking about?  One of those people where what would be a regular day for the rest of us, for her turns into outrageous adventures (good & bad), dramatic scenes, improbable circumstances (that really happen), or vomiting.  Yes, she’s one of those people.  (This girl can also charm a cop like nobody’s business. It’s amazing.  I don’t think she’s ever gotten a ticket for anything.  And a few times, she really deserved a ticket.  At least!)  This visit… we got vomit.  True it was her daughter this time, but still… this sort of stuff just revolves around her.  I kinda wish she had missed the rug, though.  Maybe if her mom hadn’t picked her up and ran across two rooms (making little squeaking, panic sounds) while she was still throwing up. 

Lucky, lucky me.

On an up note, today my professor said, "Ehhh, there are no deadlines. Just get stuff to me when you can."

Psssh!  How often does that happen?          – the weirdgirl