We’re going on a mini-vacation next week so I’m taking a short leave of blog absence. (Though hopefully I’ll get some good pictures to post later.)   It will also be Chance’s first trip ever on a plane!  It’s a short flight, but to tell the truth I’m scared.  I remember plane flights when I was a kid and my ears ALWAYS hurt.  And not just a little hurt… a lot!  Yep, I was that kid who cried non-stop for most flights (belated apologies to everyone who had to travel with my child self).  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Chance’s resemblance to my ears stops at them sticking out ever so slightly (which Keen so helpfully pointed out to me when Chance was born – thanks honey) and his inner workings are pain-free when we fly.

But just in case not all goes smooth, here’s my plan of attack.

Benadryl – I know many people disapprove of “drugging” children for “the convenience of the parents”, however, to keep his ears open during the flight and since it coincides with his nap time I will be giving him a half-dose.  (It makes him awfully sleepy so I don’t want to give him too much.)  Plus, my pediatrician approves of the drugging.

Bottle – filled with juice, water, whatever, as long as he has something he can suck

Snacks – again for the chewing and swallowing (and lunch)

Books – reading books is one of those things that keeps him pretty absorbed (after flirting with strangers, that is)

Small toys – I’ll probably go for the ol’ multiple, interesting keychains trick here

His blankie – the source of all things comforting (besides me)

We’re going up to visit my grandparents in Washington, flying into Seattle and then going across to Bainbridge Island. I’m also in favor of taking the ferry across Puget Sound instead of driving once we leave the airport.  I figure a little more time for the kiddo to run around, and the less time sitting, after a flight the better. (At almost 16 months he’s very active right now. Does NOT like to sit.)

So I appeal to you, oh great web of infinite travel experience, any other words of wisdom or practical advice?  Any help given will receive in return kisses and love forever.  Really.

                – the weirdgirl