The convoluted trials of my tech issues of the past week and a half are too numerous (and whiny) for prose so in true marketing fashion I have come up with this handy chart. 

Computer problems of the recent past:

Computer issues chart 2  

Additional data

Add data 2

The worst moment was realizing how completely addicted to the Internet I am!  I'm not talking Twitter and Facebook.  I'm talking trying to access support numbers without the Internet.  I was panic-stricken until I remembered that ancient artifact called… say it with me… a "phone book."  And it's extra sad because I used to do a lot of admin work back in the day (you know, when not everyone and their mother (Hi Mom!) was on the Web) and I was QUEEN of the phone book!  I could find anything with a phone book and perhaps the number to any given city's Chamber of Commerce.  (I also knew how to ship anything… rates, methods – not applicable here but I'm just saying.)  Without Web access I not only was faced with my own techie mortality, I had to come to terms with the fact that I've forgotten all my old survival skills.


Anywho.  Let's see if we can catch up this week, shall we?

Missed you madly, the weirdgirl