I know you all knew this months ago when Superman Returns came out, but
seeing as I just saw it this past weekend I just
found out. You suck, Lois! I mean, really,
schlepping your kid around with you on investigative stories? Have you paid attention to your past history
with that at all? Then THEN dragging
your son BACK into a dangerous situation?!? Yeah, the man you love (but can never have a relationship with) was in
trouble but this is your child… drop him off somewhere safe
first! And can’t you cut the poor kid’s
hair? I noticed you and your beau were
perfectly coiffed throughout your little adventures. I am appalled, Lois, I am really really
appalled. Bad mom! BAD!!  

Seriously, I was pissed off to the point I couldn’t really
enjoy the film.

Oh yeah, and Superman can be kind of creepy.  

Parker Posey rocks as usual.

             – the weirdgirl