I am almost done transferring everything over to my new computer.  (I bought a Sony Vaio FW series and so far I really like it. It feels nice.)  Because I'm on Windows 7 instead of XP I can't figure out how to import bookmarks.  I also haven't migrated over my mail yet.  And you know what?  I don't think I'm going to. 

I've been migrating all my mail for the last several jobs and years.  Because that was Responsible.  Just like making all those backup files is Responsible.  And I admit, I am something of a pack rat.  I still have letters from people, cards, notes written in highschool, forlorn diary entries scribbled on the backs of math homework. Those are memories to me.  I'm not sure email constitutes the same kind of correspondence.  

Sure, there are some that are meaningful.  But last I checked I had something like 18,000 emails, mostly from jobs, that I've been schlepping around.  That's some heavy email.  But the Responsible thing would be to keep those Just In Case.

I'm done with Just In Case.  I want a fresh start, like packing it in and moving to a new city out of the blue.  (Which I've never done, by the way.)

There are about 300 emails that are meaningful or important right now.  Like my writing group, emails about Chance, current projects and plans.  Oh yeah, important login info.  I'm taking those with me.  Even if I have to forward them manually.

Everything else can sit in backup. 

                   – the weird "a tiny bit less of a hoarder" girl